Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage isn’t about soothing oils and superficial body rubbing. This form of massage involves you going through yoga-like movements with the assistance of your massage therapist. Meanwhile the massage therapist applies direct or rhythmic pressure on the muscles. With the traditional Thai massage, you will lie down on a padded mat on the floor while wearing loose clothing. Your therapist will begin by loosening your muscles up. She’ll use her entire body to contort yours into shapes you never knew existed. You back will click, she’ll slap you, climb on top of you and hold your hands behind your head while seemingly trying to snap your spine in half. This part’s the same, regardless of how much you’re paying. There will be much stretching, slapping and bending. She’ll hold your arm and bend your knees and you’ll hear all kinds of pops and cracks in your joints. It’s not relaxing at the time and you’ll probably wish you’re dead, but it’ll leave you feeling amazing.
After the massage she’ll end with a head rub and leave you laying down to relax and get ready. Once you’re done you’ll wander back to the waiting room, sit down and be given a herbal tea to complete the experience.
You’ll leave feeling refreshed and full of energy, and itching to get your next one soon Thai massage in Bangalore

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