Ayurvedic Massage

the Ayurvedic massage forms part of a more comprehensive Ayurveda programme or is merely undertaken for the sheer pleasure of a deeply relaxing, indulgent body massage; Ayurvedic massage is one of Ancient India’s best-kept secrets.
Over 5,000 years of empirical research has refined Ayurvedic massage into a sublime art, and yet it is still unheard of by many. However, combining skilled knowledge of the body with knowledge of oils, music, and bodywork techniques has resulted in a profound art for balancing the body and mind through the medium of oil massage.
Here’s a list of 5 of our favourite and most surprising benefits of this massage.

  1. Eliminates body impurities and helps in reducing weight:
    Today, every other person on this planet is suffering from the problem of overweight or obesity. Today, every other person on this planet is suffering from the problem of overweight or obesity.
  2. Calms nerves and promotes deeper and better sleep:
    The sensation of ayurvedic is deeply nourishing to your brain, nervous system, mind, soul, skin and joints.
  3. Softens and smoothens skin, reduces effects of ageing:
    Dreaming of lush, soft skin in spite of seasonal changes without any sensation of dryness and cracking? Ayurvedic oil therapy creates a buffer between your skin and harsh environmental effects, maintaining skin soft and supple.
  4. Improves blood circulation and stimulates internal organs:
    Ayurvedic massage stimulates blood circulation encouraging quick removal of metabolic wastes and providing instant relief to diseases and energy and stamina to last throughout the day.
    he warm medicated oils used in Ayurvedic massage deeply penetrate cells and release physical, mental and spiritual toxins from our body, hence detoxifying our body from head to toe, inside out. The oils, herbs and massage will be carefully chosen and customised to suit your body type , enabling you to precipitate the stored-up toxins and promoting self-healing of cells.

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